The Tastemakers

By Rill Hodari
June 2017 (reprint from June 2016)


One thing I don’t care for in watching the fashion industry is the idea of tastemakers.  Official tastemakers are those few people like Anna Wintour who set the perspective and standard for fashion trends each season.  However since most people cannot afford or even fit into a lot of what fashion designers put out into the marketplace, I assert that there is a larger population of true tastemakers that shape fashion around the world.  Here are the top fashion tastemakers.




1.  High School & College-Age Kids


Few are more enthusiastic about their style and appearance than adolescents and young adults.  This group specifically has the level of energy and creativity to make or break even the most earnest of fashion developments.



2.  Moms


Just by virtue of their reach and potential influence, moms are the only real counter force and constraint to what the high school and college-age kids wear.  And even then, moms will lose many a battle to the natural course of youthful rebellion.



3.  Other Artists


The creative juices of musicians, painters, photographers and poets often seep into what they wear and their audiences tend to embrace this fashion sense along with the other medium.



4.  The Isolationists


You know those groups who are so entrenched in their local culture, they seem like an everlasting time capsule.  Whether they live in small town or rural America, are inner city dwellers who never left the old neighborhood or third world villagers, their myopic lifestyle is fascinating to the rest of the world.  Thus, outsiders tend to study, borrow and mimic these staunch cultural gatekeepers.



5.  The True Connoisseurs


Lastly, there are those people who no matter what their economic status or geographic location their love for clothing as a medium of personal expression, they are constantly in search of new material to play with.  You see them in thrift stores, consignment shops, discount retailers as well as high-end boutiques and department stores.  They take all of their finds and mix them up for a look that is personally unique and truly a little bit of happiness.




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