The Real Difference

By Rill Hodari
March 2017


These days it is very easy to find someone offering you a deal.  But it is not easy to find a deal with terms you really want.  Some places make you only buy from their site or store.  Some make you bid for the deal and then control the brand and product available for sale.  Still others force you to organize your life and money around an anticipated flash sale.  These “deals” often force you to compromise on the product, brand or the quantity you desire.  Or you have to buy when or in a manner you might not otherwise, so they are controlling your shopping experience.  With all of these hoops you jump through, you might not actually save money or time or even your sanity!



What puzzles me is the emotional basis of these customer interactions.  If a company serves those of us that love to shop for clothes, why manipulate, control, tease and trick us? Why treat us so poorly?  Why not just love us back? aims to really serve fashion shoppers.  By “serve,” I mean deeply understand, empathize and deliver benefits to enhance and enrich the natural shopping experience in whatever way you want.  Sometimes shopping is retail therapy countering other life hardships.  Sometimes it’s a traditional social bonding activity with family and friends.  Finally sometimes shopping is personal creative effort to assemble a look that broadcasts your unique identity and perspective to the world. So the real difference between most other deal sites and stores and is you.  You, the fashion shopper, is at the center of everything we are about.  As we deliver benefits, we seek to do so with minimal encroachment on your life and maximum enjoyment to your shopping goal.


So sign-up for our monthly newsletter or log into the web site to join our efforts.  I won’t say that great fashion shopping experiences will solve all the world’s problems, but it just might bring someone a little bit of happiness!



Rill Hodari is the Founder of a little bit of happiness LLC and , the first and only fashion discount on demand site.  For more information you can visit: