Our Shopping Philosophy
www.alittlebitofhappiness.com is meant to empower, encourage and celebrate the creative and joyful activity that is clothes shopping.  It is NOT meant to encourage excessive spending.  It is our hope that through the use of on-demand discounting, users will enjoy shopping even more and support others’ enjoyment of shopping responsibly.  The benefit of on-demand discounting is two-sided, in terms of aligning sales timing and stock availability with your discovery of the item.  We want you to have that special item when it is in stock, in your size, while also giving you the wonderful emotional lift of buying it on sale.  On-demand discounting enables us to achieve all of these things. 
That said, site members should understand that:
1) Buying something on sale that is not within your budget, does not save money.
2) Living below your means and saving money helps you maintain your preferred lifestyle.
3) Using the a little bit of happiness site, discovering fashion and shopping judiciously can deliver a little happiness in your life, and being financially savvy is always good style!