Top 5 Reasons Why Shopping Sales Are Like A Bad Romance

By Rill Hodari

April 2018 (reprint from February 2014)


As described in Lady Gaga infamous song, all of us have had our share of bad romantic relationships. However, have you noticed that the way apparel retailers treat us shoppers may be like those bad romances.



5.  He wants to make all the decisions.


Currently most retailers put whatever items they want on sale and at a time when it works for them.  So even though there are coupon codes, Groupons and outlet malls.  Retailers still decide which products these discounts apply to and when you can use them and when you cannot.


4.  He’s in your pocket.


Another thing is that store sales tell you how much money you can save.  Well what if you want to save more than 20% or even 40%.  What if you want a sale that is 80% or gets you the item for free.  For you to influence this in your purchase experience isn’t possible.


3. He’s got you acting crazy.


Have you ever gone to a “Doorbuster Sale”?  How about a Midnight Madness event?  Do retailers say the word “sale” and expect you to lose your mind and run out at all hours of the day and night and fight strangers to achieve retail affection.


2.  His timing is lousy.


Have you been out just shopping recreationally and fell head over heels in love with some new arrival item?  It was your style, your size and you knew exactly where you need to wear it.  But it is full price and you’ve already committed your budget to bills!  What about getting a sale now?  By the time this adorable item might go on sale, what’s left on the racks may be in the wrong size or completely out of stock.


1.You do all the work.


Have you noticed that people who save a lot of money, do a lot of work for those discounts?  They scour sites, clip coupons, watch for advertising and promotions and how they all align with their purchase desires.  Why are we the ones that have to do all the work?



Of course taking advantage of a sale is cool when you are on the same page with what is advertised but wouldn’t be nice to have more control and more balance in this shopping game?


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