A Theory On Sharing  


By Rill Hodari


March 2018 (reprint from January 2017)   



Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the Year of the Dog, which is my Chinese zodiac sign so I thought I'd reissue a past new year's blog post that is still relevant.  Hey, it's my year so I can do what I want!  Enjoy. 


I start this new year with a confession rather than a resolution.  My confession is that I am not really a car person.  Whereas I do enjoy and appreciate personal automobiles for their transport benefit, convenient access and at times the style they exude, I’m not as emotionally invested in cars as I am in clothing.  I state this because with an ever expanding sharing economy where one can rent to use other people’s homes, clothes, cars, etc. instead of owning any of these things, this distinction becomes very important.  Sharing as a way of accessing things rather than outright purchasing is so popular there are real long term social and economic implications and of course I have an opinion on it.  So here are my theories regarding the impact of the sharing economy and my advice for 2018 is you go find yourself a little bit of happiness and share it … or not!



Year of the Dog

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