Top Reasons Pajamas Are The Best
By Rill Hodari
January 2019


This blog was supposed to come out on January 1st but I was in my pajamas and did not want to do any work!  That alone is evidence enough of the wonderful powers of the best article of clothing ever invented.  I love pajamas and I hope you do too.  In case that is not true I thought for the new year, I would tell you the top reasons to absolutely adore pajamas.


5.  They are made with comfort being the highest priority.


I have never heard of a pair of uncomfortable pajamas.  Assuming they are the right size for you, pajamas are intentionally made to support sleep and in order to do so, the wearer must be comfortable.  Thus you tend to have a loose fit and breathable fabrics incorporated into the best pajamas.  And if you are like me, you also pick the softest, warmest pair as well.


4.  They are not pretentious.


Most pajamas have either classic striped patterns or humorous animal or cartoon images on them.  Since there is no one to impress when you where your pajamas, their design is most often less pretentious than other garments are.


3.  They are stylistically versatile.


Pajamas tend to look cute on most every body shape with their elastic or drawstring waistbands and loose fitting top and pants.  But they can also be worn to look sexy if that is what the wearer is going for.  Men can lose the shirt for instant sex appeal and women can take off the pant and just wear the shirt in an larger than normal size and there is no sexier lingerie than that.


2.  They are often a gift from moms worldwide.


I think many of us received our first pair of pajamas from our mothers and many more pairs after that.  They are such a symbol of mom’s love that and that is what makes them such a pure joy.


1.  They are never terribly expensive.


Now anything can be exorbitantly priced.  Everyday kitchenware to makeup to shoes, prices have skyrocketed on items in all these categories.  But most often pajamas are reasonably priced.  You really have to look far and wide to find a set of pajamas over $100 or even over $75 or $50.  So you get all of this pure joy at a low cost, now that is a little bit of happiness!


Happy New Year!