Helping With Humility

By Rill Hodari
June 2018 (reprint from July 2016)


Serving the public through business, philanthropy, volunteerism or any other means of providing support and solutions to people can be the highest of human endeavors. However, the wrong attitude and approach can sabotage efforts. And with more and more options at their disposal, people are becoming more savvy and cautious about where they receive help from. Marketers seeking to provide services and message their solutions need to heed these important truths about helping with humility.




1.  Help Steer Someone Toward Their Answer Instead Of Your Answer


Agility is key for this since as people discover and rediscover meaning in their life journey, their answers to a problem may shift and change repeatedly. Being a trusted source for whatever their choices are is key to providing real support.



2.  The Ends Do Not Justify The Means


As entrepreneurs and marketers we can get caught up in inventing and creating something. But a long painful process to a solution damages the solution experience. The process is always important to whatever the reward. And if the process is not a fit, no matter the outcome, the customer may not recover or repeat contact with your business.



3.  Real Consent Is Everything


One good example of this is the good old bait and switch method of marketing. One of the biggest dangers of being a human being is the temptation to adopt a God complex. To act upon others’ lives without their consent assumes superiority and omniscience and that type of help can be as damaging and manipulative as any other maleficence.



4.  Become A Sherpa, Instead Of A Leader


Offer to help carry someone’s load only if the task of carrying is not the achievement itself. For example carrying a weightlifter’s load signals you don’t know what he or she is trying to accomplish. However, being ever-present, non-intrusive and listening is the way to forge a strong relationship and meaningfuljourneyto success. Leadership by taking, telling and walking out ahead of someone is just your own ego trip.



5.  Put The Customer 1st, The Solution 2nd , And Yourself 3rd


Notice I did not say put yourself or your business last. There may be other things that may come after position number three. The important aspect of this prioritization is that the customer need is first and the solution only lives to serve that need and your role is to deliver that solution. Beyond that you can be as creative as you want to make things work in your favor as you work for the favor of the customer. Kapeesh?!




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