At Your Service
By Rill Hodari
December 2018


The service profession is tough. You have to please many different people and accommodate their individual mannerisms and needs to give them a solution that works. Most people recognize waiters, bell boys, taxi drivers, and delivery people, as service and hospitality providers. However, we less often recognize clothing and apparel sales people as a part of this profession. Whereas these professionals don’t get tipped, they do work on a variable scale aligned with their efforts. So when we walk away with a sale they helped with or when you otherwise neglect to give them credit for a sale, you may be stiffing them for their service. Sales people in clothing stores work on commission and thus their pay is directly influenced by the transactions they ring. Being a fair and cordial consumer is a wonderful way of celebrating the holidays and making sure you are taking care of those who are paid to take care of you!   


Here are some suggestions for being a better holiday shopper to your apparel sales person.



1.  Don’t worry about critiquing the clothes


Your apparel sales person did not make the clothes and really is only looking to get an understanding of what your likes and dislikes are so they can best meet your needs.  So don’t be shy about saying what you really don’t like.  It only helps narrow the field.



2.  Let them know if you need some alone time


When you are shopping there is a time to converse and discuss and a time to be with your thoughts.  Whatever your approach, just let your sales person know how and when you would like to be serviced and they can best balance their time to help you along with other customers.  Then everyone is happy.



3.  Clean up after yourself


Whereas in most stores you do not have to clean out the fitting rooms, at least don’t leave the clothes in a pile in the corner or in the middle of the floor.  Consider if you would like to buy items that someone else has treated so poorly.  Even if the garment(s) are not to your liking, someone else might like them but just not trampled on.



4.  Say thank you


While I would not suggest that you feel pressured to buy anything just because a sales person has spent a good amount of time with you, I would definitely suggest that you thank them for their efforts.  It’s just a nice thing to do.



5.  Don’t walk away with their income


Lastly, as I said before, sales people often work on commission so if someone has helped you and you run away to another part of the store with a garment you intend to buy but don’t give them credit, that is akin to stiffing them on a tip or on their salary.  Be conscientious and let them know that you would like to make the transaction elsewhere and maybe there is some way that they can still get credit for the one item they helped you find.




**Happy Holidays Everyone!**  

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