*a little bit of happiness is a web space for celebrating fashion and creating your own crowdfunding fashion campaign for an on-demand discount!  Find fashion you MUST HAVE and quickly discount it with the help of your best friends and family.
On-demand discounting is only the first of many tools to come.

The company was born out of the inspiration of entrepreneur, Rill Hodari, who loves to shop for clothes, and once a shopping buddy asked her, "What are your looking for today?" Rill replied "Oh, a little bit of happiness!"  By this, she meant that feeling you get when you find a great piece of clothing that is uniquely your style, at an affordable price and FITS!  She knew that this is the joy of fashion! 

With www.alittlebitofhappiness.com fashion possibilities are unlimited and this brings little bit of happiness to our lives.

Rill Hodari, Founder

Rill has worked in marketing research for over 19 years on many large consumer brands and deeply understands the consumer experience.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from University of Illinois-Chicago and an MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Most importantly she has been creatively engaging with apparel for well over 30 years!

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