Q: How does fashion sponsorship work?
A: Fashion sponsorship enable brands to market to shoppers by donating to their clothing purchases.  For example, instead of Tide sending you a coupon for $2 off (that you lose or rarely remember to use), they donate a small amount to your requested clothing purchases.  With enough of your favorite brands behind you, who knows how low the price could go.
Q: Why would my favorite brands want to give me money so I can buy something for myself?
So they can build a relationship with you!  So you will like them and be loyal to them.  Also, since apparel shopping is more social you are more likely to tell friends and family about scoring a great dress sponsored by Tide than you would be to tell them about the coupon you recently received from Tide.
Q: Does the a little bit of happiness site work in stores that do not have the site signs and logo displayed?
A: Absolutely!  You can access www.alittlebitofhappiness.com on your phone, so it goes where you go.
Q: How can I access the site on my mobile phone?
A: Through your smart phone browser go to www.alittlebitofhappiness/mobile.html and this view has been optimized for mobile viewing. 
Q: How and when do I get my sponsorship funds?
A: Once you send out the request and we check to see what brand is running a campaign currently.  If a number of your favorites are sponsoring purchases, we aggregate these dollars and send them to you via PayPal, a debit card or ACH deposit.
Q: Are there any fees? / What does the a little bit of happiness site get out of this?
A: There are no fees to the shopper.  The on-demand discount service is a marketing program aimed at delivering discounts on apparel on the shoppers terms, rather than the manufacturers.
Q: How is this site different than Groupon or Retail Me Not?
A:  Groupon and Retail Me Not offer deals on products and services on the company's terms.  In other words, how deep the discount, how long it is valid, and what purchases it applies to are all dictated by the company.   www.alittlebitofhappiness.com shifts the control to the shopper and waits for your request and then delivers as deep a discount from aggregating as many sponsoring brands as possible on whatever fashion item you want. 
Got other questions? Email us at info@alittlebitofhappiness.com